Anime Title:

Battle Angel Alita (UK)

OVA Titles:
Rusty Angel
Tears Sign

Hiroshi Fukutomi

Manga Entertainment (UK)

50mins (2x 25min episodes)

Available in the UK?
Yes (VHS Only)

Certificate:  15

Other Info:

Released on VHS in the UK on its own and as a double feature with Masamune Shirow's Appleseed.  Released on DVD in the US by ADV Films (Region 1, NTSC).  Both the DVD and VHS are now deleted.


DVD Extras (US Release):

English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles, Alternate angles for Japanese credits, ADV Previews.

Availability & Price:
Both the UK VHS releases and the US DVD release are now deleted, so you best bet is second hand shops and auction sites such as eBay.  The VHS will probably set you back around 5 and the DVD around 20.  We would always recommend checking out Digital Anime's excellent Piracy FAQ if you are planning on looking for items on auction sites, there are a lot of pirated DVDs around and you don't want to end up with a dodgy copy if the official one is available.