Azumanga Daioh!


Kiyohiko Azuma

ADV Manga

4 volumes

Available in English?

Tomo Takino

Other Info:
The four books are slightly larger than most recent manga releases, being around A5 size.  Each volume is printed right to left and includes colour pages at the start, and volumes 3 and 4 also include translators notes.  Each volume is 160 pages long, not including the notes/adverts at the end.

A 10th Anniversary edition of the manga has been announced for Japanese release in 2009.  Each volume of the new version will include a new 16 page chapter.

The original English-language release of the manga was made by ADV Manga, but after the company's well-publicised near collapse in 2008 the rights passed to Yen Press.  The manga is due to be re-released in 2009, but unfortunately Yen have confirmed that the new release will not be the 10th Anniversary editions coming out in Japan.

All four volumes of the Azumanga Daioh manga are available from comic shops, online stores and sci-fi retailers, and can also be ordered from most bookshops.  The best help you can give a bookshop employee to find titles you want to order is the ISBN number.  The ISBN is an international cataloguing code given to each new book on publishing, and makes tracking down and ordering books a doddle for book shop staff.  The ISBN numbers for Azumanga Daioh are as follows:

Vol 1: 1-4139-0000-3
Vol 2: 1-4139-0023-2
Vol 3: 1-4139-0030-5
Vol 4: 1-4139-0048-8

Expect to pay around 6-8 per volume.  The series was also released as a compiled edition, which is priced at around 15. 

One of the best places to buy manga is online, and Amazon, Anime-On-Line and Otaku UK have Azumanga Daioh listed at very competitive prices.  Amazon seems the best however, with each volume available second hand at improved prices.