Azumanga Daioh The Animation
Azumanga Daioh: The Very Short Movie
Azumanga Web Daioh

Hiroshi Nishikiori

ADV Films

Azumanga Daioh The Animation - 25 min x26 Episodes
Azumanga Daioh The Very Short Movie - 6 mins
Azumanga Web Daioh - 4 mins

Available in the UK?
Yes (Series & Short Movie only)

Highest Certificate:  12 (vol 1)


Other Info: 
The Azumanga Daioh series is available on DVD in the UK (Region 2, PAL) from ADV Films, there are six volumes.  The series has also been released in the UK as a 'thinpack' boxset, and a box that holds the normal DVDs is available with the US release of Azumanga Daioh vol 1.  The US release of the six DVDs also came with exclusive metal pin badges.  Volumes 1 & 3 contain 5 episodes each, whilst the others contain 4 each.  There are also two Azumanga Daioh 'Ani-Mini' DVDs available in the US, Ani-Minis are mini 3 inch taster DVDs from ADV Films which each contain a single episode of an anime series.

Despite sounding like a feature length outing, Azumanga Daioh The Movie is actually an animated short with a running time of a mere 6 minutes!  It was shown before Sakura Wars: The Movie in Japanese cinemas and was intended purely as a promotional taster for the series.  It is included as an extra on the Azumanga Daioh vol 6Azumanga Web Daioh was a 4 minute long web animation which appeared on the official Japanese Azumanga Daioh website for a limited time.  It featured a different voice cast to the anime series and doesn't appear to be part of ADV Films' licensing deal, although fansubbed versions can be found on some sites.

DVD Extras: 
English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles, Clean Opening and Ending sequences, ADV Previews.  Each volume also comes with a twelve page booklet featuring artwork and interviews.

DVD Extras (Movie): 
It is actually an extra in itself, but it has an English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles and an art gallery.

Availability & Price:
All six volumes are available in the UK on DVD from ADV FilmsAzumanga Daioh is available from most high street DVD retailers priced at around 19.99 per volume.  For better prices it is always best to look online, and Play.com offer each volume for around 15 with free UK delivery.  Now the box set has been released you will find that the individual volumes become more and more scarce, but on the plus side you may see them crop up in online and high street sales and special offers as shops aim to clear out their old stock.  Keep your eyes open for a bargain!

The boxset costs 60 from most high street shops such as HMV and Virgin but as always can be found cheaper online.  Have a look for the set in the same places as the single volumes.  The US thinpack is readily available for about 45, and the volume 1 + slipcase box set is available for about 20.  It is worth noting as always that goods with a value higher than 18 imported from the US are liable for a Customs and Excise charge when reaching the UK, which usually comprises the VAT of 17.5% on the entire parcel value plus a handling charge of around 4.  These charges are levied randomly which means you sometimes avoid them and sometimes not, but if you wish to take the risk good places to look include PlayUSA and DVD Pacific.

As mentioned, Azumanga Daioh The Very Short Movie is available as an extra on vol 6 of the Azumanga Daioh series DVDs, and isn't available separately in English.  Azumanga Web Daioh is very hard to come by and isn't on any of the DVDs available here.  It is available fansubbed via some filesharing programs but most fansub sites removed it when the series was licensed.