Below are listed Websites specific to 3x3 Eyes.  As with many older series many of the larger fansites have long since closed, but the best one is still up and running, at least for the time being.  Have you got a 3x3 Eyes site? If so let us know the address and a brief description to be added to our list!!

3x3 Eyes Digest - The most comprehensive 3x3 Eyes site we have found, covering everything from the computer games to the untranslated manga.  Sadly hasn't been updated for ages, but with over 100 pages covering every aspect of 3x3 Eyes it still cannot be rivalled.

3x3 Eyes at TAPAnime - A decent fansite which gives a host of information about the 3x3 Eyes anime, and has some animated cursors and Winamp skins available for download.

Pai & Takhui