3x3 Eyes

Yuzo Takada

Dark Horse Comics

40 volumes

Available in English?
Yes (volumes 1-9)

Other Info:
The western release of 3x3 Eyes has lived a bit of a troubled life in manga form.  The first two volumes, subtitled House of Demons and Curse of the Gesu, were released in 1995 by Dark Horse Comics, who then halted their release.  The first of these volumes contained a foreword by heavy metaller 

Pai, Yakum Fuji & Fei Oh

turned horror director Rob Zombie, the second had a black and white covers gallery.  Both were printed left to right and were just under A4 size.  The series then disappeared for several years before returning in Dark Horse's monthly manga anthology Super Manga Blast! in March 2000.  The series proved popular and Dark Horse started releasing it in book form once again in November 2001, this time releasing it in a smaller size.  The first two books were reissued and a further six volumes hit the shelves over the next three years.  However, in April 2004 Super Manga Blast! dropped the series in favour of Cannon God Exaxxion, and after poor pre-orders for volume 9, they shelved the series completely.  Because of this only 8 of 3x3 Eyes' 40 volumes are available in English, and Dark Horse have showed no signs of bringing out more.

The volumes that are available are each about 208 pages long (second release), and contained no extras other than next volume previews.

All volumes of the manga are widely available from comic shops, sci-fi shops and book shops, although with most book shops you will probably have to order them in.  A surefire way of getting into a Waterstones enquiry clerk's good books is to go in armed with the ISBN number for the book you are looking for.  The ISBN number is an international book cataloguing code which is allocated to each new book on publishing, and the ISBNs for the English language 3x3 Eyes are as follows:

Vol 1: 1-56971-059-7
Vol2: 1-56971-175-5
Vol3: 1-56971-553-X
Vol 4: 1-56971-735-4
Vol 5: 1-56971-747-8
Vol6: 1-56971-881-4
Vol 7: 1-56971-981-0
Vol 8: 1-59307-216-3

Expect to pay between 7-11 per volume.  The earlier versions of the first two manga volumes are now becoming increasingly rare, but despite this usually cost around 10 each if you find them.