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Since Terratag formed there have been numerous projects and pieces produced, each varying in style but remaining distinctly Terratag

Most well know for it's t-shirts, styles and influences have included Gundam (see box-out on left), pop-art master Roy Liechtenstein as well as classic Japanese art and landscapes.  Many of the t-shirts have a quality graffiti feel to them as well.  A number of canvases and prints have also been produced of similar style to the t-shirts. 

Terratag has also often worked with other artists in 'Co-lab' projects.  The latest third project has produced a vast array of different styles which has led to a range of t-shirts which are fun, technical, bizarre, influenced by many cultures and are insanely cool as a result.  Witness them by visiting Terratag's website here

Greater then the cool factor though is the fun factor that Terratag still maintains.  Several curiosities have been produced, in particular the Gundam 'Camo-G' masking tape and the recent make your own Tetsujin 28 paper model (available for free download on the website).  The first range of t-shirts exclusively for women has just been produced also, in the style of a traditional school 'sailor' outfit: 

It is different and fun designs like these that keep me guessing what Terratag could do next.  He says that he plans more unusual products in the future, as well as more t-shirts and clothing.  I, for one, can't wait. 


Much to the delight of UK fans, Terratag has included images of the mega-popular series Gundam in several pieces of his work.  The meaty mechs have appeared on his canvases and prints in the past and continue to grace his t-shirts. 

What is most interesting in Terratag's approach to Gundam is the mixture of art styles.  The pieces are not recreations of existing Gundam images or stills, rather several Liechtenstein-influenced pieces as well as many influenced by classic Japanese art.  More recent experimentation produced the 'Mechaflage' series (see above image), producing a multi-coloured collage of mechs that is very unique. 

Although Terratag has not worked for Bandai (the company behind Gundam), the artist has been contacted by Bandai employees.  They are pleased that a western brand is interpreting Gundam as something cool and desirable, instead of just the standard commercial t-shirts that are produced.  Hopefully these positive comments from Bandai would lead them to contacting Terratag about working on a project in the future.  Terratag says he would be happy to work with them to produce an exhibition based around Gundam.  We'll keep you updated in our news section if we hear any further on this.